Removal of Chamois

Dated :- 15/3/17.

Subject of report :- Chamois.

Action ( Suggested/Happened) :- Removed by Google.

Affected (If applicable) :- Android Smartphones.

Source of Spread(for malwares and virus only) :- Multiple, including through           google-play Store

Category:- botnet


–   A massive android ad-fraud operation Termed as ‘Chamois’.

–  A group of apps spread the malware through various  sources including           google play

–  Once installed very difficult to find/remove as it is not shown in installed apps list.

–   Found by google during a routine ad-traffic quality inspection

–   These apps were ranking high in Google’s Doi Scorer

–  Known to Create advertisements and install other apps in the background.


People don’t need to worry about this anymore as google has removed the apps from the play store and has made sure that app check feature would have it removed.

Report by:-

Admin – Appleo11



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